Expert introduction
Li Jianan

Li Jian'an

International Academician, the National Academy of Medicine, USA

President, School of Rehabilitation Medicine in Nanjing Medical University

Director, the Rehabilitation Medicine Center of Jiangsu Province Hospital

Former President, International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Professor Li Jian'an is an international academician of the American Academy of Medical Sciences, Dean of the College of Rehabilitation Medicine of Nanjing Medical University, former Chairman of the International Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine, Chairman of the Chinese Medical Association physical medicine and rehabilitation branch, editor of Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. He has presided over 4 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 projects of National Eleventh Five-Year Project, 1 Subsidiary Project of National 12th Five-Year Project and 6 international cooperation projects. He has published nearly 300 papers, including 16 papers of SCI magazine. In 2010, he won the China Association for Science and Technology Advanced Worker title. He specializes in cardiovascular rehabilitation, paralyzed rehabilitation (spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, brain injury), motor analysis and motor control disorders.

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